Financial Policy

We desire to maintain an open and direct relationship with our patients, both in matters of oral health and finances. If you have any questions regarding our policies, we encourage you to discuss it with our business office.

Payment Policy

Accounts are payable in full upon receipt of services. We realize that dental care can sometimes be unexpected and costly. Financing is also available through Care Credit for treatment costs of $300.00 or more.

Account Responsibility

Our office is aware of the many different family situations. To keep your account as simple as possible we will only designate one person as the financially responsible party. We prefer that this person is the parent who brings the child to the dental appointments so that we may communicate with that person regarding current and upcoming appointments.

Dental Insurance

Our office submits claims for insurance as a courtesy to you. Please remember the contract you have is with your insurance company not our office. You are responsible for all balances within 30 days of the service regardless of insurance. Please contact your insurance carrier regarding any difficulties with payment on your account. We ask that you provide us with accurate insurance information and updates. We require a copy of your current insurance card including carrier name, submission address and policy number. We provide the necessary quality care standards of the American Dental Association regardless of what is covered by insurance. Please check with your insurance company to understand your coverage. We are happy to provide your insurance carrier and you with a prior estimate at your request.

Dental Accident Claims

We will submit the claims to the appropriate Medical/Accident dental carrier up on receipt of your insurance information. This information must be provided at the time of your appointment. If information is not provided then payment must be made at the time of the service.

Partial Payments

Partial payments are due at the time of your treatment visit. We will provide you with that amount before any upcoming appointments. That amount is approximately 20% of the total services as most insurance covers about 80%. Please understand this is just an estimate, and that amount may change depending on what your insurance actually pays on the claim. We will bill or refund any difference in that amount.

Thank you in advance for helping to make financing as pleasant as your child’s healthy smile.