Interceptive and Comprehensive Orthodontics for Kids

Are you wondering if your child may need braces?

As pediatric dentists, we closely follow growth and development to ensure appropriate timing for orthodontic intervention. Interceptive (early or phase I) orthodontic treatment may begin as early as six years of age and often involves expansion, crossbite correction, and intervention for initial signs of crowding. With appropriate timing and early treatment, interceptive orthodontic therapy facilitates guidance of eruption of permanent teeth and helps to alleviate future issues caused by malocclusion or poor dental alignment. We understand some children may be self-conscious due to poorly positioned, rotated, or crowded teeth. In some cases, early orthodontic treatment may help alleviate these issues. Never hesitate to ask if it is “time” for braces at your next visit. Our providers are committed to providing a conservative and caring approach to address your family’s concerns, and there are no “silly questions!”

Comprehensive orthodontic treatment and phase II orthodontics address issues caused by crowding or malocclusion that may require waiting until an individual has lost most or all of the primary (baby) teeth. Depending on individual needs, some patients may require one or two phases of orthodontic treatment. As a pediatric dental office, we strive to provide quality care in a fun and welcoming environment. We recognize some orthodontic patients may be hesitant in a new setting and are proud to provide both dental and orthodontic services under one roof.

We offer both traditional brackets (fixed appliance therapy) and Invisalign (clear aligner therapy) to address orthodontic needs. By utilizing the latest technology through the iTero scanner, we are able to take digital impressions and create a comprehensive orthodontic plan without the need for bulky impression material in many cases. Contact us to learn more about braces and Invisalign at Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry.

Do You Get Braces at Your First Appointment?

No. It is essential to ensure your provider has all of the information needed to create a customized orthodontic plan for your child. The first appointment (records) includes gathering all of the necessary records information such as x-rays, impressions, and photos. At the second appointment (consultation), we will The second appointment would be a consult to go over review treatment needs and discuss the financial breakdown. During the second appointment, you would will be able to schedule the banding date for your child to put the braces on start braces.

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