Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, is a topical medicament used to prevent the progression of both incipient decay (early stages of cavities) and existing cavities when other restorative techniques are not feasible in the traditional dental setting. While not indicated in all situations, SDF often serves as an interim therapy for young patients and those with special healthcare needs who are unable to tolerate traditional dental treatment. It works as an antibacterial and remineralizing agent to slow the progression of cavities. Applied with a small brush, even the youngest of patients can tolerate its use.

When SDF is combined with other preventive techniques and improvements in oral hygiene, we can defer treatment until a patient is old enough to tolerate restorations without more invasive techniques. SDF management may require two to three applications, so this approach to dental treatment also can facilitate repeated visits through which patients are desensitized to the traditional dental office setting. Watch our video to learn more about SDF and its applications at Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry.

Is silver diamine fluoride safe?
The use of SDF to stop dental cavities is safe.

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